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Indian Government Has Approved the New Visa Policy, Now E-Visa Application is Easier than Ever

  • The Union Cabinet of India has broadened the scope of e-tourist visa on Wednesday so that short-term medical treatment can be included in it. 
  • The e-tourist visa will be renamed as e-visa that will allow three entries for medical treatment and dual entries for others.
  • The e-visa scheme will be further facilitated in 8 other countries making it available to a total 158 countries around the world.
  • The new e-visa will be valid upto 60 days.
  • Applicants can apply even four months before their visit to the country.
  • In case of emergencies medical e-visas will be granted within 48 hours of its application. 
  • Pakistan nationals will be included in the new e-visa policy.

Source: The Times of India