Why India

India for Medical Tourism

India stands tall on the world medical tourism map owing to top notch doctors, latest medical technology, quality medical care, use of English as a common language and massive investment in healthcare domain by both government and private players.

When patients seeking healthcare travel beyond the borders of their country of residence for value of service.

Medical tourism industry in India will touch US$ 8 billion by 2020. Owing to its one of the largest accredited medical infrastructure and facility, India is a preferred medical tourism destination followed by Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico and Costa Rica.

India; a preferred destination

Owing to great value of service with value for money a substantial number of patients prefer developing nations for their health needs and India is the most preferred destination.

India not only receives patients from third world countries like Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Oman, Tanzania and Maldives but also from the affluent countries around the globe like US and Europe as well as from Australia and NewZealand and from as far as Fiji.


Why India is a preferred Medical Tourism destination

India holds many advantages as a preferred destination for medical tourists. the most prominent of which is ‘Trust’ built by the healthcare providers over the decades.

Many a patients seek medical services elsewhere due to unavailability of reliable medical care in their own country.

Other major factors that are responsible for the increasing popularity of medical tourism in India include:

Cost Benefit/Value for Money:

India is able to provide world class medical care at an unbelievably low cost owing to its huge affordable middle class. And this paves the way for increasing number of people from developed and developing countries to opt for medical services in India at affordable costs.

Latest Technology :

Hospitals in India have been very quick in acquiring and implementing new technology. This has lead to dissemination of technology and technique along with expertise to the grass root level. This has resulted in honing of quality care and providing result on par with world and at times better than the best.

No waiting: Unlike in other countries in India any treatment can be availed almost instantaneously. There is no waiting time in any of the steps involved in any kind of treatment all over India.

English language: English is almost second language for most of the Indians. It is the medium of professinal teaching as well as means of communication in corporate setup.

Connectivity to major medical tourism hubs needs to be looked into. While cities like Delhi and Mumbai are relatively well connected with the rest of the world, the upcoming medical tourism hubs like Bangalore and Pune can immensely benefit provided there are more direct flights especially from key African and Middle East countries.

Alternative Medicine;

Along with Allopathy India is a hub for alternative therapy and has a rich history of wellness therapy. these include

Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unanai, Yoga